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Initial Emergency

Steps to immediately follow after a disaster.


Initial Emergency Steps

  • Protect your Home

    • Board up windows, tarp the roof, and hire security personnel if necessary.​

  • Locate Temporary Lodging

    • Check into a hotel or stay with family.​​​

  • Remove Valuable Items

    • remove any jewelry, bonds, stocks, money, firearms, check books, etc.

  • Pick Out Clothing You'll Need

    • Pick out clothing for a specialty cleaner to process for you, such as work or church attire, sports, uniforms, shoes, belts, purses, undergarments, and socks.​​​

  • Report your Loss

    • Contact your insurance agents or insurance carrier to obtain a loss notice. ​​​

  • Contact your Mortgage Company

    • Contact your mortgage company to report your loss.​​​

  • Contact Community Outreach Groups

    • Contact your church, the Red Cross, counselors or other community outreach groups.​

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